Cloud Contact Centers and the
Future of Customer Experience

Turn Your Contact Center into a Strategic Asset

Contact centers worldwide are undergoing fundamental changes. They must handle multi-channel communications across voice, email, web chat, text and, with the advent of social media, new communications channels like Facebook and Twitter. Customers expect increasingly personalized and efficient interactions, while the prevalence of mobile communications brings both urgency and opportunity. Many enterprises are finding that the Contact Center when properly optimized, can evolve into a truly strategic asset that makes a vital contribution to achieving organizational goals, sales growth or reduced customer churn.

Keeping up with a changing world



What is average downtime?



Where and how is the data stored?


What is peak utilization and capacity and how quickly does it scale for you?


Does multi-tenancy allow for seamless upgrades?


What type of real-time monitoring, reporting and routing change control is available?

In this White Paper, you will discover how to:


Observe the changing trends of customer experience and gain insights for staying a step ahead


Get practical advice on how to turn the Contact Center into a Strategic Asset


Facts on a Cloud Contact Center with Hosted PBX


Alternatives to the Traditional Contact Center


How to Consider and Make a Move to the Cloud